320 Phone

By Phone

How to check for immigration hearing information:

Call  1-800-898-7180

Dial 1 for English and enter the A# ______________________________

Press 1        Next hearing date, time, and location

Press 2        Case processing information

Press 3        Immigration judge decision outcome and date

Press 4        Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) case appeal information, including appeal due date, brief due  date, decision outcome and date; and

Press 5        Filing information




Como verificar información se su próxima corte:

Llame al  1-800-898-7180

Oprima 2 para Español y entre el numero de extranjero que empieza con la "a"





Immigration Hearing: The new automated case information application system can be accessed at: https://portal.eoir.justice.gov/InfoSystem

Updated link: https://acis.eoir.justice.gov/en/