Please schedule an appointment for the renewal.

When you come to your appointment, we will ask you to provide the following:

FEE: The US Department of Homeland Security filing fee is $495 and can be paid in check/money order (not cash or visa)

And the renewal fee of $_____ can be paid in cash, visa or check or money order.


Date your current DACA expires: ______/_____/_____ provide a copy

Bring your expiring work permit

Bring your CA ID# or driver’s license

DACA renewal Questionnaire:  

Since your last renewal, we will need to know 

  1. Have you changed your number? Best phone # __________
  2. Has your address changed?
  3. Have you been arrested, given a citation, or been detained for any reason?
  1. Are you: single         married                divorced

Last question: one of the USCIS forms requires a statement on why you are requesting a renewal. Be prepared to discuss your need for the renewal. We will ask:

Do you have children?

Are you in school/college?

Do you work part-time or full time?

Thanks, and of course, feel free to call if you have any questions.